Whether they are for business or personal enjoyment, the nutritional needs of your rabbits are important. All Pen Pals® Rabbit Feed products are nutritionally complete.

From the backyard hobbyist to the commercial meat producer to the show circuit, Pen Pals has products and programs to fit your rabbit nutrition needs.

The rabbit's ability to achieve high productivity is strongly influenced by nutrition. A successful rabbit production program with good nutrition produces rabbits in good health and with high reproductive ability. High-producing breeder-does and growing bunnies need more protein, minerals, vitamins and energy than rabbits which are merely being maintained. To ensure that these breeding and growing rabbits receive all the nutrients they need, it's important to feed a highly palatable properly balanced, digestible ration.

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The Pen Pals Rabbit Program

The program offers a choice of four rabbit foods:

  • Professional Show Rabbit Professional Show Rabbit is a complete feed for growing and breeding rabbits.

  • Professional 18%, alfalfa-based rabbit feed specially fortified for rabbits requiring higher nutritional levels in the feed.

  • Professional 16%, alfalfa-based rabbit feed specially fortified and intended for use by the commercial breeder, show competitor or those who just enjoy rabbits.

  • Rabbit Pellets 15%, A 15% protein, alfalfa-based pellet suitable for all rabbits.

  • ShowBoost for Show rabbits, ShowBoost is specially formulated to meet the unique, supplemental nutrient needs of show rabbits. It is also beneficial for rabbits under stress or for those needing additional protein due to weight loss or illness.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple protein level, alfalfa-based, pellet suitable for all rabbits.

  • Contains Sarsaponin (Yucca) to aid in ammonia reduction.

  • Contains direct fed microbial to aid in digestibility and nutrient availability.

  • Palatable alfalfa formula helps keep rabbits eating and provides high-quality fiber required by rabbits.

  • Pelleted form to help reduce waste and assure consistent nutrition

  • Salt in the feed eliminates the need for salt spools.

All four foods are nutritionally complete. Which diet you select depends on the availability of the products in your market place and your goals in feeding rabbits.

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