Essential Nutrition and

Essential Nutrition
Proud Paws Dog and Cat Food products are formulated by professional nutritionists to meet or exceed the nutritional requirements established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) for all life stages of the dog or cat. The AAFCO nutrient requirements are based on National Academy of Science publications. Ingredient quality and the latest in nutrition technology are major considerations in developing Proud Paws formulas, and ingredients must provide essential nutrients in a highly digestible form. Proud Paws products are continually tested to maintain the high quality standards that our customers expect and deserve. Your pet's nutrient needs for growth, development, performance, breeding, activity levels, and special needs through its life stages are very important to us, and we are proud to put the Proud Paws name on these high-quality products.

Meat and bone meal and chicken by-product meal used in Proud Paws formulas are rendered (cooked) products derived from animals and poultry processed for human food purposes under USDA inspection. These body parts are not typically consumed by humans, but are among the first body parts consumed by canines and felines in the wild. Cooking kills bacteria that could possibly cause disease, just as we cook most of our meats before consuming them. Blends of these meat sources are frequently used to optimize the balance of needed amino acids (building blocks of proteins). Soy and corn gluten meal are plant-based protein sources that are also used to optimize the balance of amino acids. Beef and chicken, when listed as ingredients, indicate the use of fresh or frozen meat sources, which are added just before final cooking.

Corn, wheat, rice, and barley are the major carbohydrate sources used in pet foods and human foods. Other wheat sources, such as wheat midds or wheat shorts, are also used to meet carbohydrate and fiber needs. Fats are added for energy and palatability.

Beet pulp is also used as a fiber source. Just as human nutrition stresses the need for adequate fiber intake, animals also need adequate fiber for normal intestinal function and health.

As with human foods, antioxidants are added to protect the quality of the fats and to maintain nutritional quality. Without antioxidant protection, fats will easily oxidize and rapidly result in food spoilage and food rejection.

Minerals & Vitamins:
Minerals and vitamins are added to meet specific nutrient requirements. Proud Paws formulas utilize a proprietary blend of minerals and vitamins to optimize nutrient availability, digestion, and utilization.

ADM Proprietary Ingredient:
Research shows natural-source vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) is more bioavailability than synthetic vitamin E
and is used in all Proud Paws formulas. Vitamin E protects the body from oxidative damage and is vital to immune system function.


PremiDexTM: An ADM innovative prebiotic manufactured using a patented process. PremiDex may have a positive effect on healthy digestion.


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