Proud Paws Adult 21/8 Dog Food
Product No. 80051AAA






Scientifically formulated to meet the unique needs of the less active, mature dog.


  • Provides 21% high-quality protein and 8% fat to help keep less active dogs fit and healthy

  • Properly balanced protein and fat levels support mature dogs and dogs that don?t need as much energy

  • High-quality protein sources including fish meal, which supplies essential amino acids

  • Wholesome, quality ingredients provide essential nutrition along with great taste

  • Formulated with essential vitamins and minerals for overall health and wellness

  • Enriched with natural-source antioxidant vitamin E

  • Contains prebiotic (PremiDexTM) that may have a positive effect on healthy digestion

  • Complete, dry food packaged in 40 lb bag



Dog Size


Daily Amount*

Toy Breeds

Up to 12 lb

0.5  -  1.75 cups


13  -  25 lb

1.75  -  2.5 cups


26  -  50 lb

2.5  -  4 cups


51  -  100 lb

4  -  6.25 cups

Extra Large


6.25 cups plus 0.5 cup for each 10 lb of body weight over 100 lb

*Amounts are based on standard 8-ounce dry measuring cup.

Feeding Instructions

Proud Paws Adult 21/8 Dog Food may be served moist or dry. Either way, it will provide your dog with complete, balanced

nutrition. To serve moist, simply add one part warm water to four parts Proud Paws Adult 21/8 Dog Food and stir until

chunks become moistened; feed while warm. If fed moistened, do not serve more than what the dog will consume in a

thirty-minute period to ensure product freshness.

A dog should be maintained in good body condition and not allowed to become overweight. The food intake required to

maintain good body condition will vary depending on age, activity level, environment, and other stress factors. Consequently,

the food requirement for each dog will vary, and should be adjusted accordingly. Use the standard chart below as a guide.

Pregnant, nursing, and hardworking dogs or dogs exposed to cold weather may require 2-3 times these amounts.

When high activity or other factors require high feed intake, twice a day feeding is recommended. However, for most

normally active dogs over one year old, once a day feeding is usually sufficient.



ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company