Proven Performers for Bigger Bucks and
Bigger Antlers


Production and Supplementation
Deer herd production is evolving into a substantial animal agriculture market. As commercial deer production practices evolve, the nutritional program must continue to develop as well. The nutritional program for commercial deer herds targets bigger and better bucks, in both body size and antler size and quality. Knowledge of deer feeding activities and nutritional needs combined with the technical expertise in feed manufacturing is crucial to development of nutritional supplements that will yield big bucks on the range and for the producer's bottom line.

Commercial deer feeds and supplements should provide:


  • Consistency in product form and nutrients

  • High palatability - deer must be drawn to the feed

  • Multiple sources of protein

  • Appropriate fiber levels

  • Balanced vitamin and mineral packages

  • Proven ability to favorably impact antler attributes and
    body weight


The Rack Plus Program focuses on maintaining adequate protein and energy levels in the deer herd, while utilizing existing roughage sources. Rack Plus high-quality deer supplements are designed to maintain protein and energy levels in the diet - in all conditions and all stages of production - generating optimum herd production. The formulations can be utilized with changing browse, forage conditions, and animal requirements.


NOTE: Feeding deer/elk in the wild is illegal in some areas. Check with local wildlife officials on legality of feeding deer/elk  in the wild in your specific area.



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