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Biotin 100 Product Code: 645900

Recommended for: Dairy

DESCRIPTION: Biotin 100 is a supplement containing 100 mgs. of the B vitamin Biotin to be added to rations during periods of stress.

PACKAGING: Biotin 100 is available in a 25 pound bag.

Biotin  -  100 mgs / lb

INGREDIENTS: Roughage Products, Calcium Carbonate, Biotin Supplement, Mineral Oil

Biotin is an essential vitamin required in very small amounts. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin which is required in many metabolic functions including carbohydrate and protein metabolism. It is also required for the integrity maintenance of skin, reproductive tract, nervous system, and certain glands.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: In dairy, it was widely accepted that the B-complex vitamins, including Biotin, were synthesized by rumen bacteria and absorbed in sufficient quantities to meet daily requirements. Recent evidence now suggests that may not always be the case and B-complex supplementation may improve milk production and/or composition. Deficiency in Biotin will also result in reduced growth, dermatitis, fatty liver and foot lesions, and reduced reproductive performance.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Top dress or mix in the ration to provide 20 - 25 mg/head /day. (1/4 lb of Biotin 100 provides 25 mg biotin)

* Supplementing B Vitamins to Lactating Dairy Cows, Shawn S. Donkin, Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University.  May 1997.



Vitamin E 20,000      Product Code: 642700

Recommended for:
Swine, Cattle, Horses, Poultry, Sheep, Mink, Fox and Rabbit

Vitamin E 20,000 is an economical, concentrated product containing Vitamin E for livestock, equine, and poultry. Vitamin E 20,000 is designed to correct deficiencies and supply added Vitamin E to swine, cattle, sheep, equine, poultry rations, mink, fox and rabbit rations.

PACKAGING: Vitamin E 20,000 is available in a 50 pound bag.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Calcium (CA), Min -14.0%
                                                               Max -16.8%
                                          Vitamin E, Min - 20,000 IU per pound

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E Supplement, Roughage Products, Processed Grain By-Products, Calcium Carbonate, Animal Fat preserved with BHA.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: The predominant role of Vitamin E appears to be in preventing lipid oxidation and prolonging the biological life of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are important membrane constituents. Vitamin E also has a relationship to Selenium, as both micronutrients acts to protect membrane lipids but by different mechanisms. Vitamin E influences the utilization of Vitamin A, particularly when a Vitamin A storage occurs. Vitamin E, under certain conditions, may stabilize selenium.


Vitamin E deficiencies have been associated with early embryo death in cattle, sows, chickens, turkeys and ewes; with muscle disorders (myopathes) in calves, lambs, pigs and chicks; and with certain types of anemia and liver necrosis of domestic animals. Vitamin E requirements are higher for maximum immunological responses than for maximum growth.


This is important in supplementing rations for pregnant animals to ensure maximum antibody production for the colostrum. In areas where Vitamin E or Selenium deficiency is known, it should be added to the ration continuously. In pregnant animals, Vitamin E can be added the last 30 days of pregnancy.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Supplement used as directed contain the required amount of vitamins. Under certain conditions, however, additional vitamin fortification may be helpful. Vitamin E 20,000 has been manufactured as a convenient method to help increase Vitamin E levels in livestock and poultry rations. To boost Vitamin E levels in livestock and poultry rations use Vitamin E 20,000 as follows:

  • Breeding Swine 1 lb per ton

  • Cattle 1-2 lb per ton

  • Horses 0.5-1 lb per ton

  • Poultry 1-2 lb per ton

  • Turkey Breeders 1-2 lb per ton

  • Sheep and Lambs 1 lb per ton

  • Mink and Fox 1 lb per ton

  • Rabbits 1-2 lb per ton



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