The Heat Stress Solution Technology


Heat Stress negatively impacts:


  • Production

  • Milk quality

  • Reproduction

  • Herd health




When temperature and humidity soar, oftentimes heat abatement management practices aren't enough to counter the detrimental effects of heat stress.  ADM Animal Nutrition's solution technology for heat stress  -  Thermal CareTM  -  offers producers a proven means of keeping production on track and on time. 


At ADM Animal Nutrition, evaluating various aspects of heat stress alleviation has been on-going for a decade.  ADM research and university-collaborated research has lead to the development of a technology that impacts the underlying physiology associated with heat stress.  Research identified and tested compounds that have proven beneficial in commercial settings.  The result: Thermal Care, a patent-pending technology.


Take the stress out of heat stress . . .

with Thermal Care


ADM researchers identified ingredients that may enhance feed digestion and maintain gut health and integrity while supporting the immune system and assisting with blood flow and heat dissipation.


Research proven:

  • In controlled thermal chamber trials, body temperatures were lowered 0.6°F in growing steers and 0.4°F in lactating Holstein cows fed Thermal Care R compared to controls (Figure 1). These reductions in body temperature help ensure animals spend less time near upper critical temperatures at which feed intake and performance will be severely compromised.

  • Cattle consuming Thermal Care R gained more weight (0.27 lb/hd/day) while consuming less feed than control cattle (Figure 2).

  • Figure 3 shows the lactation performance of Holsteins in university trials and a Florida field study. On the average, under conditions of high heat stress, Thermal Care R increased daily dry matter feed intake by 2.2 lb and increased daily milk production by 3.3 lb.

  • In the same University of Georgia study, Thermal Care R also tended to increase body weight gain when compared with control cows (1.1 vs 0.6 lb/hd/week).



Used in conjunction with appropriate feeding and management practices,
Thermal Care is a proven technology for managing heat stress.

Specially selected, research tested co
mpounds in Thermal Care provide a natural
solution technology to help overcome the negative effects of heat stress.


Thermal Care Feeding Recommendation

Thermal Care R (891200) for Ruminant Rations: More information on Thermal Care R

  • 0.1 lb/hd/day top-dressed or mixed into the ration

Thermal Care S (889000) for Swine Lactation Rations: More Info on Thermal Care S

  • 8 lb/ton (0.4%) mixed into complete diets or top-dress at 0.05 lb/hd/day for lactating swine.

For best results, start feeding Thermal Care before heat stress occurs.


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