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RumeNext-Dairy . . .
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  • Specially formulated for lactating dairy cows.

  • Special combination of select concentrated plant extracts.

  • Patent-pending technology based on a five-year worldwide research program.

  • Produced using unique ISO-FUSIONTM* process in which a standardized combination of plant extracts are micro-encapsulated in a protective matrix to enhance stability.

  • Research has shown RumeNext- Dairy enhances rumen function by favorably altering rumen VFA profile and changes rumen-protein digestion, which yield better milk production responses.

  • Extensive lactation trials in North America and Europe have demonstrated consistent benefits of RumeNext- Dairy.

  • Complements balanced feed programs.

ISO-FUSION is a trademark of Pancosma Marketing, Geneva, Switzerland.

RumeNext-Dairy . . . Pushing Milk Production to the Next Level
RumeNext- Dairy positively effects milk production and milk component yield through better feed efficiency and nutrient availability.

Rumen Response to RumeNext-Dairy:

  • Reduces protein degradation  -  Enables better utilization of peptides and amino acids by rumen microbes, which favors more efficient production of microbial protein.

  • Reduces rumen ammonia  -  Lower rumen ammonia reduces blood and milk urea levels.

  • Alters rumen volatile fatty acid (VFA) profile  -  Improved VFA profile enhances yield of milk components. A lower acetate:propionate ratio has positive implications for reducing methane losses while improving the amount of energy available for lactation.

Dairy Cow Response to RumeNext- Dairy:

  • Purdue University research trial results showed a 2.9 lb/hd/day milk production increase along with favorable responses to milk fat percentage and fat corrected milk production (Table 1).

  • In a summary of more than 12 trials, milk production increased an average 3.3 lb/hd/day for dairy cows fed RumeNext- Dairy (Figure 1). Also observed were improvements in milk fat percentage and reductions in milk urea nitrogen.

Specially selected plant extracts in RumeNext- Dairy provide a natural solution of proven technologies to optimize rumen digestion for favorable milk production response.

RumeNext-Dairy Feeding Recommendation

Dairy Rations:

  • 0.5-1 oz/hd/day depending on diet type and presence of feed additives. Recommended feeding period is three weeks before calving and throughout lactation. RumeNext-Dairy may be especially beneficial when fed during the first 150 days of lactation. RumeNext-Dairy is suitable for adding to TMRs or concentrates, and it can be used as a top-dress. RumeNext- Dairy (Product No. 825300) is available in 50-lb bags.

Storage and Handling:
RumeNext-Dairy is stable for up to 18 months when stored under normal conditions. Due to its high degree of stability, RumeNext-Dairy can be used in pelleted feeds.



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