Prosponse® Nutrium


Packs a 1-2-3 Punch

  • 1 Yeast Culture

  • 2 Live Bacteria

  • 3 Enzymes


The Challenges
                       ► Forage Changes
                       ► Stress
                       ► Subclinical Acidosis

The NATURAL SOLUTION Prosponse Nutrium to enhance rumen and gastrointestinal tract function

  • A microbial premix containing naturally-occurring microorganisms

  • A unique combination of Prosponse yeast, beneficial live bacteria, and fiber-digesting enzymes

  • Enhances feed intake, rumen function, and nutrient digestion, which yield better production responses

  • Beneficial to use during stressful conditions

  • Synergistic effect when fed with monensin (cattle only)

  • For dairy cattle, beef cattle, and horses

Producers Favor Prosponse Nutrium

"This was my first time using a DFM. I liked the results when I put Prosponse Nutrium in the whole herd TMR. It performed well, by maintaining milk production, especially when forages were a challenge."
Peter H. Martin, East Earl, PA

"Appetites got better in only a couple of days after including Prosponse Nutrium. Within two weeks, milk average went from 74 to 76.5 pounds with no fresh cows. After one month, butterfat went from 3.6 to 3.8. I am very happy with the results; even with low milk prices, I feel it is beneficial and plan to continue using it."
John Blank, Kinzers, PA

"I was on Fast Trak for five years before trying Prosponse Nutrium. Since I switched, the fresh cows start off with great appetites and seem to hold their peaks longer. Herd health is good and conception is improving. I am very happy with the results. I was happy with Fast Trak, but tried Prosponse Nutrium because it saved me money!"
John S. King, Gap, PA

"Cows handled forage changes better and performed better at a lower cost when fed Prosponse Nutrium compared to Anaplex."
Marvin Zimmerman, East Earl, PA

Prosponse Nutrium Offers


Bottom Line

Source of Nutrients  -  Prosponse Yeast

Provides a source of nutritional metabolites, which serve as a nutrient source for rumen microorganisms. These nutritional metabolites stimulate growth of rumen bacteria that metabolize lactic acid and digest fiber.


Enhanced fiber digestion by rumen microorganisms. Yeast culture has been shown to improve digestibility of ration ingredients and enhance ration palatability.


Better fiber digestion can stimulate increased dry matter intake, leading to better production responses from available forages. Better digestibility of ration ingredients yields improved feeding efficiencies.

Microbial Stimulation - Live Bacteria

Rumen pH is a critical component in dictating metabolic acidosis. Enterococcus faecium, the live bacteria utilized in Prosponse Nutrium, minimizes rumen pH fluctuations commonly seen in high-producing dairy cows.


Fluctuations in ruminal pH that can contribute to acidosis are minimized, contributing to a more stable rumen environment. This function is especially critical during periods of stress.


A more stable rumen environment benefits fiber-digesting microorganisms, leading to better forage utilization . . . . more efficient use of forage reduces ration cost.

Digestive Enhancers - Enzymes

Fiber-digesting enzymes, xylanase and cellulase, support digestive function.


Enhances digestive capacity and fiber digestion, which are important when making ration forage changes.


Animals obtain more nutrients from forages. More efficient use of forages creates a healthier financial bottom line.


Prosponse Nutrium Contains Probiotic TC®* for rumen microbial stimulation.
* Probiotic TC® , a product of Chr. Hansen, is a regestired trademark of Chr. Hansen in the US

Prosponse Nutrium Feeding Recommendations

Dairy Rations:

  • 4 oz/head/day during transition period, periods of high stress, ration changes, environmental changes, and disease challenges.  For best response in dairy cows, feed 21 days before calving through early lactation.

Beef Rations:

  • 2 oz/head/day during periods of high stress, ration changes, environmental changes, and disease challenges

Calf Starter, Creep Feed, Arrival Rations:

  •  2 oz/head/day

Equine Rations:

  • 2 oz/head/day (top-dress)

Storage and Handling:
Prosponse Nutrium should not be pelleted. Use in meal feeds only. Store in a cool, dry area for maximum stability. Close bag tightly after each use.

Technical Bulletin............Direct Fed Microbials Application and Usage



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