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High somatic cell counts (SCC) and antagonists, such as,  mold problems can create havoc with livestock production and reproduction efficiency.

Take a proactive stance with Alliance® Animal Health probiotic products

Manage gram-negative bacteria proliferation by cleanliness of storage and feeding equipment, proper feed handling, proper milking procedures, and the use of Nutraguard Pak or Nutrasac Blend II.

Potential Problems created by molds

  • Immune system depression, lowers resistance to disease

  • Metabolic problems, which may be confused with other metabolic diseases

  • Depressed feed intake, lowers production

  • Chronic effects are more common than sudden, acute symptoms

  • Reproductive problems

  • Inhibits early mammary development

  • Abortion

Problems created by high SCC

  • Lower milk production  -  reduces milk income

  • Lower milk quality  -  eliminates quality bonus

  • Negatively affects milk components

  • Decreases overall herd efficiency

  • Reduces milk shelf life

  • Creates off-flavored milk

Nutraguard Pak
A nutritional supplement designed for ruminants to help manage gram-negative bacteria.

Mastitis-causing bacteria (potential source of high SCC), Salmonella, and E. coli are gram-negative bacteria. A high level of gram-negative bacteria can overwhelm the immune system, lowering disease resistance.

Nutraguard is a fermented product consisting of

  • Two L-form lactic bacteria concentrates

  • Live cell bovine-specific yeast

  • Specialized proteins

  • Potassium Iodide

  • Microbial sugars

Usage: 1 oz per head daily.

Results will vary depending on an animal's load of gram-negative bacteria and nutritional status.

Nutrasound Pak

A livestock nutritional supplement designed to reduce debilitation caused by antagonists, such as, products of mold.

Dairy and beef animals  -  1.33 oz per head daily.
Swine and poultry  -  2.75 lb per ton of complete feed.

Nutrasac Blend II

A nutritional supplement combining the beneficial components of Nutraguard Pak and Nutrasound Pak into one easy-to-use product.

Nutrasac Blend II is designed to be fed to lactating dairy cows when antagonists, such as, mycotoxins are suspected and when problems with gram-negative bacteria exist.

Nutrasac Blend II is a fermented product consisting of

  • Live cell yeast

  • L-form lactic bacteria

  • Microbial enhancers

Usage: 2 oz per head daily.

Mold Control Pak V    Product code 8460
Mold Control Pak V is a dry, free-flowing mold inhibitor with excellent mixing and distribution characteristics. It will aid in the control of mold development in feeds. Both ingredients are safe for animal feeds. There is no free propionic acid available, but the product releases monomeric propionic acid vapors, a feed preservative.

PACKAGING: Mold Control Pak V is available in a 50 lb bag.

INDICATIONS FOR USE: Mold Control Pak V should be used to protect processed feed  from the development of mold. Mold Control Pak V has been shown to be effective in reducing the level of molds in the mixed feed and can be used as a TMR stabilizer to reduce spoilage and toxin formulation caused by molds.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Poultry, animal feeds: 1 lb  -  3 lbs per ton.


Ration-Guard®*   Product code 8631AAA14
Ration-Guard® minimizes mold and yeast growth. Ration Guard keeps rations cooler, increases bunk life, maximizes nutrients, and is easy to apply. For use in grain mixes Ration Guard enhances the luster of sweet feed by improving "crawl" and reducing "bricking". Ration Guard reduces feed residue attachment in manufacturing and storage equipment.

PACKAGING: 50 lb (22.68 kg) package


  • Non-corrosive to feed manufacturing equipment

  • Safe for feed mill employee usage

  • Ingredients on FDA GRAS list

  • Reduces "bricking" and enhances luster in sweet feed

  • Odorless

  • Palatable

  • Reduces residual attachment in feed manufacturing equipment and storage bins

  • Versatile - Can be used in feeds for all livestock and horses


  • Apply 1 to 3 lbs of Ration Guard per ton of total mixed ration.

  • Apply Ration Guard in the mixer after forages have been added.

  • Apply 1 to 2 lbs of Ration Guard per ton of grain mixes.

WARNINGS: Due to conditions beyond our control, no expressed or implied warranties are
                    made for this product.

*Ration-Guard® is a registered trademark of the International Stock Food Corporation

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Nutraguard Pak, Nutrasound Pak, and Nutrasac Blend II are not intended as a replacement for sound management practices to prevent or treat high SCC and/or mycotoxicosis. The FDA action level for aflatoxin in feed ingredients to be fed to dairy animals is 20 ppb.

No representation of profitability is hereby made. The statements and figures shown here are estimates and projections. Neither ADM Animal Nutrition, nor its employees, agents, or assigns make any warranty of any kind, including warranty of merchantability or results, relative to the information contained herein. Actual results will be affected by the ability of animals to produce milk and/or gain, health of animals, management, previous treatment, environment, etc.



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