Nutritional Aids


  • Breeder Boost®  A unique feed supplement designed for dairy and beef cattle. Breeder BOOST provides . . .

    • Fungal fermentation meal

    • Complexed zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt

    • Natural-source vitamin E

    • Selenium yeast

  • Thermal CareTM When temperature and humidity soar, oftentimes heat abatement management practices aren't enough to counter the detrimental effects of heat stress.  ADM Alliance Nutrition's solution technology for heat stress  -  Thermal CareTM  -  offers producers a proven means of keeping production on track and on time.

  • NutraBoostTM A unique feed digestion and immune system enhancing supplement designed for dairy cattle, beef cattle, and swine.
    NutraBOOST provides . . .

    • Fungal fermentation meal

    • Complexed zinc

    • Vitamin E

    • Specialty plant botanical

  • CRATE-MILKTM   is an acidified baby pig milk replacer to be used as an aid in the treatment of bacterial enteritis (scours). Each pound contains 70 mg of neomycin base and 35 mg of oxytetracycline. Crate-Milk provides for the needs of "special pigs" requiring intensive care to avoid problems associated with diarrhea, dehydration or starvation.

    The all-milk proteins and lactose promote better performance than soy or fish-based milk replacers. Crate-Milk
    TM has high nutrient density which supports optimum performance without expecting the pig to consume unrealistic quantities of feed. The special fat blend provides a blend of soybean oil, coconut oil, edible lard and lecithin so that pigs can utilize the energy more efficiently.

    The use of organic acids offers the "Gut Conditioning" technology to stimulate superior performance while lowering the opportunities for digestive upsets to occur. In addition to being an excellent nutritional package, Crate Milk contains proprietary pre-biotic and pro-biotic ingredients to promote a healthy gut environment.

  • RumeNext®- Dairy is specially formulated to enhance production efficiency of lactating dairy cows. Research studies have shown cows supplemented with RumeNext-Dairy respond by producing more milk and produce milk more efficiently (lb of milk per lb of ration) along with potential increase in milk-fat percentage and lower milk urea-nitrogen level.

  • RumeNext®- Beef is specially formulated for growing cattle.  In research trials with growing cattle, RumeNext-Beef has shown increased growth and efficiency without altering feed intake. It may also lower arrival cattle morbidity and mortality.

  • StimerallTM   Creating a Better Balanced Dairy Ration Combining rumen-available and rumen-bypass methionine sources is the logical solution to enhancing milk fat and milk protein yields - a winning combination for dairy producers.......



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