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  • Probiotics - Nutraguard Pak: A nutritional supplement designed for ruminants to help manage gram-negative bacteria.Mastitis-causing bacteria (potential source of high SCC), Salmonella, and E. coli are gram-negative bacteria. A high level of gram-negative bacteria can overwhelm the immune system, lowering disease resistance..........

  • Prosponse®: Prosponse is a unique yeast supplement for feeding to all classes of beef and dairy cattle, poultry, turkeys, equines, sheep, goats and to starter, grower, gestating and lactating swine. It is made by an exclusive process that ensures superior quality brewers yeast with outstanding palatability and a rich source of naturally occurring B-complex vitamins. Prosponse also contains an elevated  level of highly digestible protein......................

  • Prosponse Nutrium: The NATURAL SOLUTION Prosponse Nutrium to enhance rumen and gastrointestinal tract function.....................

    • A microbial premix containing naturally-occurring microorganisms

    • A unique combination of Prosponse yeast, beneficial live bacteria, and fiber-digesting enzymes

    • Enhances feed intake, rumen function, and nutrient digestion, which yield better production responses

    • Beneficial to use during stressful conditions

    • Synergistic effect when fed with monensin (cattle only)

    • For dairy cattle, beef cattle, and horses



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